Should strikes be allowed?

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I think strikes are really important or necessary because it allows workers demands to be heard by our leaders ,government and other members of congress are not paying workers the right / exact amount of salary they need to provide for themselves and their households,in other words loved ones. In my country workers work hard, to provide for their family,they work pass their limits sometimes, and still get little payments from the government. I find this braised. Doctors /nurses spend thier time saving residents nonstop and at the end of the month or year , they only get little money to take home. It is difficult for these social workers to provide food for their children to eat. Its cruel/hurtful for these social workers. Many patients die because some important social workers especially Nurses in my country repudiate to go hospitals because our leaders will not pay them the right amount of money they need. I believe discussing with government about these issues will not solve anything because of the government's greediness or cruel acts to social workers, to end everything I believe strikes are needed to these workers because of their small amount of money from the authority's or government.

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  • I agree with you about strikes being needed. Since the leaders of our country will not pay workers the right amount of money, they have to protest and write petitions to the leaders, however, the leaders do not pay any attention to their protesting, therefore the workers go on strike. I believe that our leaders should pay attention to these workers, because nowadays in my country, doctors are even going on strike because of the low salaries they get. Therefore strikes are needed for workers.