Strikes : are they acceptable

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


This refers to the refusal of workers to work for a specific period of time. This could result due to soon factors such as late payment of salaries, poor working facilities, harassment by employers, unequal wages and salaries e.t.c. workers could resort to strike when other measures have been taken and still proved abortive or not yielding positive results. In my opinion, when workers demands are not met and they are faced with a lot of Inconveniences and unfavorable working conditions, they can resort to strike after all other measures prove abortive.

Strike should be allowed, this way employers would take the affairs of their employees serious and efficient work and progress would be achieved, this way employers will know the plight of their employees and so would provide all the necessary requirements for a good and more better work. Once workers take the right method and approaches, demands would be met and this could be through dialogue, where the employers and employees would come to a consensus If not all at least a negotiation could be met. Through strikes workers get the opportunity to express their grievances, fears and worries most especially when there is a communication gap between employers and employees.