Strikes : Social Workers Voices And Demands Must Be Heard.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Strikes are the way only social workers can get proper payments and other demands. Government and other people of power, decide to pay these social workers low income for their services to their countries. These social workers work 24/7 just to make ends meet for their families. It is hard for these social workers, every day they get up early and come home late, with very little to support their families. It is hard very for social workers to come home and hear the cries of there hungry children , while government and politicians enjoy these social workers income. In my opinion I think strikes is the only way social workers demands will be heard, sitting down with government will not solve these issues and put food in their childrens stomach's.

But strikes can also bring problems to societies and people. If doctors where to go on strikes patients with very serious diseases can die, pregnant women cannot give birth successfully. Nurse cannot strike because , patients need some one to take care of them. Farmers cannot strikes because who will provide citizens who food and other rescoures, hunger will increase. If teachers were to strikes ,students will fall behind in their studies , and it difficult to graduate. In my country polices cannot strike because who will help citizens from crime.

So to conclude I believe strikes and provide social workers with their proper payments and demands, as well as destroy people lives and increase deaths. Let me no about your comments whether you agree or disagree with my standpoint.