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I agree with your comment because the metaverse can increase communication with other people. It... The Rise of the Metaverse - A New Frontier for Human Interaction 21/5/23
I agree with your standpoint because littering can lead to many destructions in communities,... Stop Littering and Save a World 21/5/23
In my Opinion I think strikes are really necessary because it allows social workers voices and... Are Strikes Really Necessary? 18/5/23
I agree with your standpoint because in my country nepotism is a major issue, it has increase... Breaking the Chains of Nepotism: Can Equality Prevail over Family Ties? 18/5/23
In my opinion I think strikes is only way social workers voices can be heard and respected,... WHY STRIKE??? 17/5/23
I believe the metaverse can both build and destroy the future of humanity. The metaverse can... METAVERSE: DESTROY OR BUILD 16/5/23
In my opinion I think strikes is the only way social workers voices can be heard, because I... Are strikes the only resort 16/5/23
In my opinion I think 🤔 the metaverse can affect people negatively in many ways. Metaverse can... Metaverse a new realm to rule? Who's ruling us, or the machines? 16/5/23
We can reduce climate change by using less plastics and more of paper bags, taking walks and and... How can climate be reduced? 14/5/23
I agree with your standpoint and I believe humans should affect the world in a positive way, ... How Can Man Stop Affecting the Earth's Beauty 14/5/23
In my opinion I think the metaverse is a friend and also a foe because it is a potential for... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 13/5/23
Hello Mr. Ben, I believe young people are powerful in the world because , as time evolves the... Expert challenge: Earth Day 13/5/23
Law 2 is an excellent idea because when we cut down our animal products and people become vegan... The law in your hands? 12/5/23
I agree that nepotism should not be allowed in society. nepotism, which involves family and... Where does nepotism start? 12/5/23
I'm not sure about this because... I agree with you when you disagree with the fact that Ai... Inspiration... or stealing? 12/5/23
I agree because... with the skill of problem solving, no matter what life throws at at you, you... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 12/5/23
I disagree with the idea that all social workers such as doctors and nurses should go on strikes... Can everyone strike? 11/5/23
I agree with your comment because , burning and throwing away waste is also a major problem in... Climate change in your country 11/5/23
I disagree with step 12 because Emma has no right to give the role in the film to her daughter.... Where does nepotism start? 11/5/23
I believe AI will make human Artists less important in the future because, now AI is able to... Thinking questions 10/5/23