This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Strikes occur at different places by different people with different motives which could be good or bad, that motive could either be practical or impractical , it could be accepted or not accepted but amongst all these different opinions and ideas, the only thing that is common and the core thing for an strike to be a success is the power and strength it gets from the people .

Unity among people is one of the key for opening the door of success for every strike.The history of strikes reflect the fact that strikes were not just used for the well being of a single person but for many reasons in which the entire globe will be inspired and will stay as a mark in the history for example to independence of the entire country and for the people whom they dont even know. They've worked hard this is the real meaning of a strike but now vengeance,anger and ego have taken over human minds and unity is vanishing but whenever necessity arises unity shows up among us and strikes are a really good example depicting that.

A group of wild oxens will be powerful as long as it stays with its group but when it is alone it looses. This is the lesson of nature which shows us the importance of unity.

The famous saying which states that " pen is mighter than sword" is true. Media and social media platforms contribute a lot to the spread of every strike. Either in a good way or a bad.

As a letter "s" is a single letter but when added at the end of word it creates impact. Example human turns to be humans when "s" is added at the end.

Like wise in every S- strike, there will be a reason which unites the people together S- plural, to spread S-smile.

The world has seen imperialism, injustice, monarchy, inequality, discrimination and world has always used strike as a weapon.

A person who cannot talk or hear also needs medium to express his or her feeling, just because they cannot express They can't be deprived from expressing like wise even for an society which is deprived or suppressed could even Express the feelings through a strike which should be common for all.