Why strikings important By Tess hazel sarah ferhi

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My topic is important because it is necessary for children to learn as they are the next generation and they need the right resources and mentors . You think that it is not that important but it is shaping our youth. You may think there should be more money in the school system but there is not so teachers are striking for a bigger salary which means there is less school for kids .

Striking is important so teachers can get the pay they deserve for their job which is very important if teachers did not exist. Everyone would be stupid to put it bluntly .And so they can be heard and get what they need in education.Striking workers have won themselves double-digit pay rises across different jobs, from bus drivers to BT engineers, as well as better conditions and an end to outsourcing. But there are still jobs that can not be paid for fairly teaching included .

But there are negatives to striking as such as kids have less school time and teachers will not get paid in the striking time . because workplaces can get shut down When teachers go on strike, pupils are likely to be affected by school closures and disruptions to their education. If the strike lasts for an extended period, they can fall behind in their studies and have trouble catching up.