Ai and the future of ecosystems

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai, is a type of smart computer (or robot) that could help with jobs. I believe it could help with

The environment by planting trees or collecting plastic from the seas.As we do not know its full potential because it is new to humanity.It could also protect endangered animals.

Some positives about Ai is that it could help the elderly get their pills and exercise in the morning. This will boost their immune system. It could also help students learn and do homework because Ai is intelligent so it could work out the answers. Also it could help stop global warming.

Some negatives about Ai is that it could turn against humanity creating a war between humans and Ai. Also, it will take over most jobs and most of the world, this is really bad because of how much energy will be used . It could also start a new disease.

My opinion of Ai is ok because it could help with jobs. But it could also help old people with exercise and also could stop pollution . This helps the planet greatly and will change the future of humanity.