Who came top of the leaderboards?

Topical Talk students won stars for their work throughout Festival 2024.

Stars were awarded when they showed excellent use of the Topical Talk skills: speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity.

Take a look at the leaderboards to see who came top of each category. Well done to all of our winners! Find out more about the Festival awards here.


Over 300 classes took part in Festival 2024. Which students and classes won the most stars overall?


Students from around the world joined the discussion. Who got the most stars in each area?


Students in different year groups took part in Festival 2024. Who won in each age category?

Class size

Some classes are much bigger than others so it might have been easier for them to win stars. How did classes do compared to others of a similar size?

School network

Some schools are part of a bigger group. Who came top in each group?