AI : education and the future of work

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world ahead . AI is the process of human activities to machines and robots . Through computers and robots many things will become easier. The robot performs the digital task . Machines can perform human tasks with the help of Artificial intelligence . AI is going to emerge the entire world. Many jobs will be taken by computers and bots. We human beings have to adopt to adjust with bots. We have to adopt to live with machines and bots. The jobs of doctors , engineers, artist , etc will be taken by bot. The doctor who does not have degree or is not much qualified can also treat the patient because of AI. The study of students will become easier , students will search from various platforms and study. Many students may find easy to study at home rather going to school. Engineers job will be taken by bots because its of computer. It will be easy to draw and colour using bots machine. . There are many advantages of AI such as it will make the jobs of human beings easy. The task which takes time when human beings does will be done in a less time by AI. AI does not get tired it can work as much as we want. Now AI and machine learning is being taught to students so that they adjust in the upcoming AI world. AI will not have emotions as we people have for others . People will become more lazy as they don’t have to do any work because all the work will be done by bot. Because of some technologies people are not using their brain and searching from internet. After AI they will be more at peace and will not think from their brain . AI can't be as human brings not it can be human beings but it will be useful to human beings.