AI: the new era

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Since AI can change a wide variety of possibilities and expand its effects and applications, it's a topic I want to talk about in greater detail. There are numerous things to consider. AI is changing the world in many ways and transforming it into a new, more accessible place where people may live better, and more effectively.

Numerous news reports discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is developing in the various aspects and opportunities of the planet.

When the idea of AI was initially brought up in the hub, a lot of the students in my class were considering how sophisticated it was, but I was more interested in the once-in-a-lifetime experience that AI offered and how it would begin and end.

One of the numerous news articles regarding AI piqued people's interest in learning more about who would be influenced by it and how, in my opinion, everyone would be because nothing in the world affects just one person.

Imagine that AI was everywhere around the world. Do you think that it wouldn’t have a negative side? Well, AI is the future of the world and everything. Lately, there have been many new inventions that wouldn’t have been made without AI. As I started to reflect, I came up with several questions that I'd like you to answer, like whether AI has the power to completely change the world and whether or not the old ways of doing things are still preferable to the new ones.

In many ways, AI has influenced many areas like communication, education and work. The topic of AI has been booming this year and has given people many questions. AI has many elements that need to be sorted out like its interaction, influence and accuracy, I think that for an AI to work it needs the components I mentioned. I think AI could bring more advantages to some of these countries like how Equador need protection so they can reduce loss of lives by using AI. Currently, there has been a high range of discoveries made by AI. Nowadays AI has helped at their homes too and one example is Alexa. I couldn't believe it when I heard AI works at restaurants. AI has broken the limit that a human can accomplish even without risks or side effects but AI still has some negative sides that need to be worked on.