Hello! Artificial intelligence

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is a branch of science where human intelligence and thinking power are tried to be inspired by computers. AI has the current world in its hands. The tasks which are impossible by humans are made possible by AI. For example: If a human works for 5-6 hours, he gets tired, on the other hand, AI will not get tired even if he works for 5-6 hours. Humans have created AI using their talent and labor. But currently, humans are lagging behind AI in some areas. AI you be everything but don't be a doctor because it's my dream it's my goal. If you AI do all the work then what will be the condition of human workplace in future. Then people will be unemployed without work. If AI does all the work then humans will be out of work and they will be lazy and suffer from various complex diseases. They want AI to do everything. what do we do So we have to be very educated and apply the knowledge in real life. Then we will be able to work with the world with AI. Then the unemployed people will be comparatively less. So we need to be educated and acquire skills along with knowledge. Only a skilled human being can work with AI. If humans use education, knowledge skills then They will also succeed in working with AI