How is AI going to change our lifes?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I think that AI is a very controversial topic and I respect all opinions, but for me AI is only going to increase the quality of life in our societies, I think that a little help does not hurt anyone, although they are being highly criticized.

For all the people they fire to replace them with these intelligences, I think it is a 100% effective investment since you have a loss at the moment you buy it but in the long term it is something that covers a person's work, but without charging a balance I also think that if the quality of the Ai is increased, I think they could be very useful when doing housework, but as I have previously said, they should be very safe and reliable for the buyer.

There are many studies that say that in the future our society will be mostly made up of AIs and I don't like that so much. I think that AIs receive a lot of criticism without really valid reasons and I also think that they are going to make things a lot easier for us in the not too distant future.

For example, a case in which AI would be very useful would be in higher risk jobs such as miners, firefighters...

That is why I believe that if they manage to continuously increase quality, they will reach an optimal level of AI quality, which would be one of the most important advances in the history of humanity.

This later, I think there would still be people who would criticize them for any reason. In conclusion, I think we must realize what this can bring us and not always take the negative side of things.