Is AI a help or a hindrance?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Is AI a help or a hindrance?

AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming increasingly popular in today's society. Today AI is used in healthcare to develop drugs, treatments and diagnose illnesses. In finance it’s used to detect fraud and manage bank accounts. Even in day-to-day life AI is used for things such as face recognition, google and Alexa’s. AI is incredibly advanced already and can do many things that our species can’t. Technology is evolving rapidly everyday guiding us to a brighter, better, and safer future. Or is it?

Although AI is very high tech it is incapable of human emotions such as creativity, empathy, and love. AI can’t read body language or gestures and lacks knowledge on human characteristics such as gender, race and sexuality. It can’t relate to other humans as it’s not got the level of understanding therefore jobs like therapists, teachers and doctor's humans would always be better suited as we have emotional intelligence. AI only mimics emotional responses and will never experience feelings of happiness sadness etc.

Unemployment figures will soar due to the increased use of AI in places like supermarkets and restaurants. Across the country self checkouts are being used more often in fast food chains like McDonald’s where you order off of a screen or Bella Italia where Bella bots bring you your food instead of a human. This leads to poverty as people can’t afford the basic resources to survive without a job. Although AI can’t reproduce, humans can’t last forever without money.

In conclusion AI is a hinderance to our society and will only produce more problems than it solves. Our money, time and efforts are being wasted on a tool that will only make us lazy. Is AI a necessity or a desire? If you think about it is AI really the problem or is it greed?