Is AI a help or a hindrance?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Our world’s technology is advancing to the next phase – AI. It may mean that we are working alongside robots, and some people have a problem with that. They come up with unrealistic scenarios, where the ‘rogue AI takes over the world’. This leads to people fearing the adaptation of Artificial Intelligence, but I believe that these people are just afraid of the evolution mankind will make.

I understand why people may have the idea of AI becoming an obstacle in the future. There is the issue of Artificial Intelligence taking over certain jobs that humans already operate in, such as the position of a writer, artists and creative professions, and basic customer service roles. However, AI will also create information-based careers, including machine learning engineers, AI ethics specialists and cybersecurity researchers. AI could also assist in the healthcare sector. Robots could be programmed to operate in surgery, which would be increasingly beneficial to doctors and surgeons, as the AI would be more accurate with the treatment that is needed.