Is AI good or bad?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Is AI good or bad? A very broad question that I will try to -probably pretty poorly- sum up in precisely 385 words.

One reason why AI could be valuable is that many hard manual labour jobs could be fully automated by AI. You may think that this will be bad for the farmers as they will lose their job however a solution to this problem would be to pay the farmers a high compensation. AI will fully optimise farming jobs beyond that of human capabilities with perfect coordination and all aspects working simultaneously. I do not believe that AI would ever replace teaching - as they would not be able to comprehend complex human emotions like empathy - however it could be used as a resource for teaching allowing help to be provided for all and questions scaled with difficulty. AI is also currently being bought into automatically coding websites and games which while removing some jobs allows for complex machines and systems to be introduced in the future. Another advantage of AI is that it could be used to create ease of life in the human culture i.e. if someone bought a coffee every Thursday at 8AM then an AI could create a coffee for someone to be ready for 8AM every day.It could also be used in automatic cars making commute journeys much more pleasurable than usual. Work could also be done on the journey allowing people to be much more productive and work hours could increase. One final point is that AI will revolutionise the world of face recognition, search engines and smart hubs which will further increase the quality of life for everyone in this world.

Although I do believe that scepticisms of robots taking over the world is ridiculous, there are still negatives of AI. For example, password hackers could utilise Ai to perform a complex algorithm to hack passwords faster. Another disadvantage of AI is that society may become something resembling the movie “Wall-E” and be lazy. Both of these could be countered with AI security and Scheduling respectfully but it would still create an elitist society that benefited the rich and further hurt the poor.

Overall, I believe AI is an amazing modern tool but needs to be distributed evenly and effectively to maximise the benefits.