My opinion on the future of AI

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI is an incredible development that has evolved an amazing amount in the last 64 years. It has gone from a checkers program to, more recently, a brain chip to control a mouse just by thinking. It’s truly amazing that something like this even exists and it could evolve even further in time. By 2030 it will probably be much more advanced and the world will start to become like a sci-fi movie. I think this could either be amazing and help out humanity or be a disaster and put the world into chaos and maybe robots will take over.

There are many positives of AI. such as better career choices, less boring jobs, new opportunities for things that a human just can’t do and much more. It could be used for many useful things other than what we're using it for now. we could be using AI to design buildings or make things better or more efficient. but instead we have chat gpt. (which is probably better since it does homework) But AI has so much potential but we're wasting it on doing homework. (still really good tho) But it is still an incredible discovery and it will surely become a crucial part of daily life in years to come.

There are many negatives of AI such as, job displacement, ethical concerns about bias and privacy, security risks from hacking, a lack of human-like creativity and empathy. These are all very bad and are a big problem, maybe, for AI in future. Many people think that AI shouldn't be a part of our lives and be forgotten about. but it seems like AI is going to continue evolving further and become more and more common in years to come. which isn't great for everyone idk i don't really know at this point.

In conclusion, I believe that AI is pretty cool. I think there's a lot of potential that the companies that work on AI will tap into to make AI the best it could be. it can also open up more fun career options and get rid of boring ones that no one likes. This will mean that people can have more fun and happy lives instead of boring, sad lives and jobs. I also think it shouldn't evolve too much since it could become too smart and take over or something like in sci-fi movies and shows.