Will AI be a help or a hindrance?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, is a source of technology that allows machines to do things that usually requires human intelligence, it is programmed and adjusted to perform human-like tasks. AI and the ability it has in our society today, makes it possible for human jobs to be taken over, causing an economic decrease and an increase in unemployment. This should be taken more seriously worldwide and in the news as this could be a potential hindrance or help to us in the future.

Personally, I believe that Artificial Intelligence will be a hinderance to an extent. Due to the number of restrictions and it having to be highly regulated and controlled, not only is it inconvenient but the risk of malfunctioning is high and could be a danger in businesses running to the public. Also, many question who is to run AI and the lack of privacy. In today's society, AI has been exploited by being used in a malicious manner. This has been shown by AI spreading false information and advertising it to companies. Overall, AI and its potential to take over has concerned the public especially in the USA, as protesters speak out against AI, arguing that it cannot rewrite “literary material”.

On the other hand, many oppose that it may be a help to society and our future, as it can help those with disabilities or who suffer from any form of social anxiety or find it difficult to interact with an individual face- to face. A way that AI has already been a help to the public, are the self-checkout machines, and the robots acting as waiters specifically in Bella Italia.

On the whole, Artificial Intelligence should be highly controlled and managed so that errors or malfunctions shall occur less. Although it is likely that malfunctions will still happen as it is a technological robot, only a few industries could and should be AI managed. For example, supermarkets, office sectors and I.T departments.