Democracy, Politicians and Citizens

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Good day Topical Talkers! We know that maximum countries in the world are democratic. Democracy is considered as the best form of government. Abraham Lincoln said that democracy is the government “of the people, for the people, by the people”, which means that the supreme authority rests with the people.

One of the most unique feature of a democracy is elections. Election is like a festival for a democracy. The politicians we elect make decisions on our behalf as to serve and benefit all. Initially, the main focus of the elected leaders was to ensure welfare e of the citizens, and develop the country. They focused on improving the condition of the citizens. But nowadays, these leaders want to be elected to come in power, to control the people. More specifically, they want to establish their rule over the country when they have been elected and then try all means to win the next election to continue their so- called “reign”. These politicians wish to have supreme decision-making power, to be worshipped and that everyone should obey them. If given chance, they may introduce a law to ban elections and establish one-party rule.

This can be avoided if the citizens are vocal, know how to oppose a law and fight for their rights. It is necessary that the voters are aware of political scenario, so that they can decide which candidate will actually work for their welfare. They must not follow a politician blindly, because it will only assist them in “ruling” the country. If the citizens cannot judge what is good for them and don’t raise their voice against those who misuse their trust, then the true form of democracy will no exist.