Should politics be involved with business?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Hello, today I will be discussing politics and whether it should be applied to business. I think politics should be with business because the boss can check business violations and govern the employees. Some people would disagree because sometimes, the leader could hurt the business. This is true, a leader could cut profit or fire an employee. But, I think sometimes you have to do it.

Plus, politics can sometimes connect to social media which could also help a business. Take an influencer for example, they can use their fame to help a business. Decisions that let people have too much power could be controversial. This could upset people, and bring a new debate or argument about power. An example of this is a decision that lets one person do anything they want.

This isn't fair to the people and the business as a whole. People would argue to take most of his power. Some might even quit because of this. Politics also could help the environment from businesses that use factories. A leader can do this by limiting emissions.

Emissions can hurt the community and the animals who live there. International businesses should also include politics. This is because international businesses have locations across the world and go through multiple leaders. So, they have to have some kind of power scale or order. If they don't they might lose money. Some people go as far as to sue the company because of a problem. In summary, this is why I believe politics should be included in business.