This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The thing that I have realized the most importance is the eco- anxiety.Eco Anxiety is an emotion that is an expression of internal disturbance in the body that is manifested through an unpleasant situation.Because it helped us to know about the current condition of the earth, environmental disaster. What I enjoyed the most from this festival was the eco -anxiety. It is very important for us and our planet. By participating in this festival, we shared our views and discussed various ways to save our world from destruction. Many people have given different opinions. Some have advised everyone to try from their respective places. Some say to protect the environment by forming volunteer organizations. Many others also ask the country's government to take responsibility. Our purpose will be successful only as a result of the efforts of everyone in the society. Many people also ask the country's government to take responsibility. Our objective will be successful only through the efforts of all in the society. If we don't have this earth then we won't have any existence. Now a lot of environmental pollution is increasing in the world. As a result of this, various problems such as increasing the temperature of the earth, increasing the height of sea water, and various natural disasters are being created. As a result, human life is under threat. We must all work together to save human life from this threat. We must remember,

''Unity is strength''

Only through unity can we make our world greener. Can save humanity from disaster. It is time to save our earth.