Eco Anxiety - a big step towards a clean and green environment

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I relate to the topic ‘Eco Anxiety’ a lot as Climate change is a really big issue and must be addressed ASAP. The Earth’s rising temperatures affect every single one of us, as, we are the ones responsible for it. Research claims that since 1750, humans have increased the abundance of carbon dioxide by nearly 50%. A net of 5 billion metric tons of human-produced carbon remains in the atmosphere every year, which increases the global average CO2 concentration by around 2.3 parts per million per year.

Global Warming results are melting glaciers and ice sheets, rise in sea level, very intense heat waves and chances of floods are also increasing. This harms all kinds of living beings in various ways, but the biggest issue is climate change. Climate change will impact organisms in colder regions with sudden temperature changes, while marine organisms will experience sudden cooling due to melting icebergs. Tropical rainforest organisms will also face significant temperature increases. The climate is changing significantly, which could lead to the extinction or endangerment of organisms that can only live in specific atmospheric conditions. As for humans, their susceptibility to getting sick is likely to increase. The UV rays from the sun will affect us more now as the ozone layer will be partially destroyed. As we know very well by now, these rays are not just harmful but also fatal. They cause skin diseases, eye diseases and premature ageing.

We have worked very hard to try to stop climate change and global warming, but it has become so normal for our generation, that they don’t pay attention to news concerning it. Whenever we need to write an essay or a paragraph or anything of that sort in any of our classes, we are given topics like ‘Save Earth’, ‘Water is Life: Save Water’ and so, it has become normal for school kids to see our Earth in such a bad state and thus they completely ignore all the efforts put in to increase awareness and save our Mother Earth. It has become routine for them now. Every government must enforce strict laws that impose heavy fines on individuals who litter. This will help them understand the gravity of the situation and ensure that our surroundings remain clean and healthy.

Conclusion – Global Warming can be prevented by enforcing laws