Our thoughts are about Eco-anxiety and our failure.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

  • Hello my dear topical talkers and my dear friends. I think that "Eco-anxiety" was the best topic in the festival. So, Today I will like to talk about "Eco-anxiety and our future situation" in my Standpoint.
  • First of all I want to say that this planet is our home. It is our responsibility to protect this planet. But, we don't. So, I want to give you a reminder. So, I choose this topic. We are busy only with our work. If we don't think about it now, we won't be able to save the world in the future. So we should think and act about this issue from now. Otherwise all living things on our planet will lose their existence. So, I think that this is very important for young people and I think everyone should discuss about Eco-anxiety.

Now a question may be in your mind that, have we been able to move forward in protecting the environment today and what will be our situation in the future? To tell the truth, we have not yet succeeded in protecting the environment and I do not see anything good in our future. We are still only dreaming of protecting the environment but doing nothing. Today we have improved our country and life with the help of technology. All countries of the world should teach students about what we can do to protect the environment in real life as well as books. By doing this, children can develop into honest citizens from a young age. We can prevent environmental pollution only through this technology. I know that this topic is complicated but we need to discuss on it only for our planet. We don't try to understand that we will suffer the most from climate change. Today all the countries of the world are developing themselves only in terms of economy. But they don't understand that if we don't stop climate change now, we won't be able to save the world in the future.The real truth is that we are our own failures. I think we have to change ourselves first. Then maybe we can save our world.

According to a research, an average of 8 lakh 21 thousand 250 tons of plastic waste is generated in a country every year. Which has a serious impact on environmental pollution. Furthermore, researchers feel that a country should have 25% forest cover. But many countries still have less than 25% forest cover. If this continues, it won't be long before the world is destroyed. But still we can save our earth and all life on earth. But for that we have to discuss with all the countries of the world. We need to create some organization like FAO, NGO, NRDCF, EDF and etc. We also need to increase the use of recycling processes and plan to stop using plastic. Just as in a business you have to think first and then work hard, so in protecting the environment we have to think first and then we all have to work together. Finally, I want to say that, life and future are nothing without nature. Hope I made my point clear to you. Thank you very much for listening to my opinion and don't forget "Nature is the future".