Warning: are you copying or using AI on the Hub?

Every Topical Talker has their own opinions, ideas and reactions – and this is what helps to make the topic discussions special and interesting.

We have noticed that some students are copying and using AI rather than writing their own comments.

The Hub has strict rules about copying and AI:


You should not copy from the internet.

It is OK to do research and then share what you’ve found out but all comments should be in your own words and include your opinion. Copying from the internet is called plagiarism.


You should not copy from other students.

This is unfair and it means we don’t get to hear from your unique perspective. The Hub tells us when you have copied another student’s work so it is easy to spot.


You should not use AI to write your comments.

Using AI in this way is against Topical Talk values: to showcase the real views of real young people. We have the technology to check if a comment has been written by an AI bot.