if prisons aren't fit for purpose prisoners should be set free.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

“If prisons aren’t fit for purpose, then prisoners should be set free.”

This topic tells us what is going on and How the leader Of Los Choneros could escape from prison so easily. Prisons need purpose so the prisoners can be more reformative.

I will be sharing my standpoint on prisons.This is an important topic because it tells that prisons in Ecuador are not trusted.

Some people might agree with this statement because the prisons might not be safe as Fito escaped easily. If people are going to prison for punishment but they do have a punishment and they come out scott free the prison needs more security.

On the other hand people might think prisoners should stay in prison even if the prisons are not fit for purpose because the victims of the crime might want more justice and if they let them free consequently the prisoners might cause havoc on the city/country.

In addition, I agree with the statement because the prisoners can change their ways if you give them a second chance. They are human like us and we all make mistakes. In future I wish that inspectors will check prisons every month so we would

not have this big problem.

Thanks for listening.