Standpoints by students of Boutcher CofE Primary School B | United Kingdom

Comments by students of Boutcher CofE Primary School B | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
powerful_seagull I think ex prisoners should each have a carer when they get let out. The Carer would encourage... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 26/3/24
generous_mood In festival I have learnt about luba cassova that many people are getting judged by how they... Competition #10 winners 26/3/24
generous_mood Thank you😁😊 Standpoint Awards: winners announced! 26/3/24
fabulous_duck That would be very good as you can help lot's of old people and have relaxing immigration! Ageing populations 26/3/24
fabulous_duck Changing immigration policies could help countries with ageing populations because when there is... Ageing populations 26/3/24
resourceful_ferret Also, I know this isn’t what the topic is about but no one has been giving me stars to most of... Gender and journalism: poll results! 25/3/24
thoughtful_agency When there are lots of elderly people in the country, the government get stressed. When more... Ageing populations 24/3/24
believable_power i don't think you should be juged for your sex because the thing is if your are a differnt... Of Sexism And Racism. 24/3/24
fabulous_duck I disagree with you because, Joe Biden is doing these policies because to much immigrants are... Fair or unfair? 24/3/24
resourceful_ferret The result was what I expected because woman are literally women and they talk more about... Gender and journalism: poll results! 22/3/24
humble_dragonfly Hello kind_eel , I agree with you because the Earth is beautiful but lots of bad things are... Our Beautiful Earth 21/3/24
thoughtful_agency The option I agree with the most is option A because it is our planet and we are all one. We... Businesses v the environment 20/3/24
fabulous_duck Hello everyone! In my opinion, I think that reformative is the most important and top priority... What’s the purpose of prisons? 19/3/24
fabulous_duck Hello everyone! I forgot to add this part on my standpoint. What I wanted to say was, do you... ‘’If prisons aren’t fit for purpose, then the prisoners should be set free.’’ 19/3/24
resourceful_ferret Who agrees with me? If you do, comment down below! :) “If prisons aren’t fit for purpose, then prisoners should be set free.” 19/3/24
enchanted_emotion My opinion is A as the world is everyone's home, not just certain people's home. Every human... Businesses v the environment 19/3/24
warmhearted_tuba I don't think that women should be judged by their sex or gender because sexism and gender... Of Sexism And Racism. 19/3/24
freespirited_strategy My school has told us to throw our rubbish in the bin and to help throw other peoples rubbish in the bin. How to make a change 19/3/24
joyful_tennis they are dangerous by robing banks stealing money and escape prison Why are prisoners dangerous? 19/3/24
freespirited_strategy I think city parks are great because they give busy cities a place to allow green spaces to... City Parks: Nature's Places In Busy Cities 19/3/24