My opinion on prisons in Ecaudor

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Prisons are starting to became more and more dangerous and worrying even for the Ecuadorian authority. I strongly believe that this topic should be talked about and awareness spread so that people can be prepared for whatever is going to happen in the future. Jose Dolfo Marcias Villamar better know as ‘ Fito’ is a leader of a powerful gang and on January 8 2024 police officer discover that Fito had escaped which can be a problem to the world. Gangs were always a problem sincere WW2 that was when the gangs were created.

One person said- “ I mean it can change your routine and can make you a better pearson, ” one example of this is when a prisoner is captured and after they completed their penalty ( the time that the judged decide the prisoner to stay in prison) they go out to start their new life and hopefully learn the lesson for their crimes.

One person said- “ People that do the wrong things go to prisons so its really good for the environment and also protects people so i think prisons are really good, ” their is a lot of crimes that prisoners committed and when they get captured they go to jail to learn their lesson and the citizens can finally stay in peace since the criminal is in jail.

One person said- ” Well because of racism prisoners can involve police and often can get risk of getting killing , ” one example of this is that when a police officer is racist prisoners can get bullied or even killed because of their colour.

Ecuadorian authorities- ” The prison system is one of the main axes in the insecurity crisis facing the nation” since 2021 more massacres( an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people) between gangs have left around 450 inmates murdered.

In conclusion, I believe that the world is becoming really dangerous and worrying. With all that has bening happening on the past years the world is becoming more unsafety than has ever been. Drug gangs are a big problem in Ecuador.Gang members have a lot of power even in prisons where they fight for control.In some prisons they were riots-more than 200 prisons staff were taken hostage, police officers were kidnapped and bombs were set off. Electronic devices were meant to be banned in the prisons but illegally-filmed videos show Fito and other prisoners comfortably relaxing.