Prison Importance

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My standpoint is about the prison incident in Ecuador, but mostly prisons in general. The security of prisons is important for the inmates and for the citizens beyond the prisons. Inside the prisons is nicer depending on the government’s financial state. Some people argue that richer prisons can either: spoil the inmates or teach them a lesson with good offers.

Personally, I think that prisons should be manageable but rough enough to make the prisoners never want to ever go back. The positive side to this is that most prison systems are learning from this mistake and are looking into improvement. Although,I think that more government money should be spent towards prisons because it creates a safer environment. The importance of the prisons being secure and safe is huge and isn’t looked at enough. People who live locally to the prison should be comfortable, if we spent more money caring for prisons there would be less outbreaks and escapes. The prisoners should have strict rules to reduce misbehaviour. They should be taught with mutual respect and responsibility.

The negatives of the poor prisons is the prisoners can pick up bad habits due to the lack of a strong system. Another reason for this can be the struggle to be equal in prison. Shortage of food or resources could be a result of: stealing, jealousy, fear or the need to be disrespectful to fellow inmates. For example if another inmate has more than another, it is certain that envy will build up between them. When prisons have groups or gangs, they can be quite pressuring or physical. This is where the stereotype of inmates being horrible comes from.

In conclusion, we need to take prisons being unsafe or having bad systems very seriously as it’s dangerous. I think that if a country can’t afford it, they should send the prisoner to another financially stable country’s prison. Criminals should be locked away until their understanding of rights and wrongs. This is the reason they go to jail. It’s a punishment to learn from their faults.