Prisons in Ecuador

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

This topic is about a gang lord who went To prison for terrible crimes he committed but shortly after prison guards found that he escaped from his cell at a maximum security

Prison in Ecuador This plunged the country into a national emergency to ensure that vito is

Captured and put back in prison.

There are so many positives of vito being locked up in prison like the country and its inhabitants can rest knowing the person who has been terrorising the country is finally in prison for a long long time.The citizens of the country also don't have to worry about vito

Sending out his gang members to kidnap their loved ones.

The negatives of vito being in prison are many.Like when he escaped from prison there

Is a high chance that he will start going after the people who put him in prison in the first place making them and their family at risk of kidnaping.He might also start targeting the countries resources facilities.

In my opinion Ecuador needed to be smart on who they let vito speak to on the phone.

The Ecuadorian government also needs to increase the security in many of the maximum security prisons in Ecuador.If the government want to be financially stable they need to start

To go after and capture Vito's gang members because without them they vito is powerless.