Prisons in Ecuador

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Prisons in Ecuador is a life-and-death situation that requires rapid actions from prison guards around the world. I strongly believe that this crime scene is necessarily dangerous if it doesn’t get dealt with as soon as possible to protect the people in Ecuador they will have some challenges to face. While some may argue that this could cause many people to die, some believe he was never guilty, it is devesating to consider the extreme consequences that this person can do. In this essay, I will show the positive and negative features of this vicious man.

All of this chaos started on January 7th 2024 a strong gang leader known as ‘Fito’ was found gone from a maximum security prison. I believe that this is dangerous and he could be a bad influence. This caused the whole country to be in danger as he was a very powerful drug dealer. Ever since he escaped the whole of Ecuador was at risk of losing their lives armed forces were called to take control over the prison. I think this is going to cause people’s death and people could also get extremely injured.

My opinion is that I think he could cause loads of problems when he escaped prison as he was very strong and he was also a murderer. In 2013 he and 15 other prisoners escaped a prison which was called ‘La Roca’ they all then decided to live together.

Another fact is that the murder of the previous gang leader was murdered; he then took his spot as leader and was involved in a gang called Los Choneros in 2020.

He was convicted of drug trafficking, murder, and organised crime. Him escaping the prison in Ecuador was a surprise because it was a maximum security prison and this sent the whole of Ecuador at risk of death so they had to be very careful where they went as they didn’t know the consequences if he found them he could lure them into being a drug dealer or murdering them. His sentence was 34 years long. After all of this I think this case for them to figure out could be really hard as they could flee the country and it would be extremely confusing as they might never find him again.

How would you feel if you ever saw him? Would you be worried about him?