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Fito’s case is important and dangerous. We should be able to walk around our planet feeling safe and happy but with criminals running around, it is harder to relax. We feel scared and anxious as we walk. Some of us are worried about being murdered, some are scared of robbery. Fito is on the run as you are reading this. Will he ever be found? I guess we will never know.

Emergency in Ecuador

José Adolfo Macías Villamar (known as ‘Fito’) was in a dangerous drug gang in Ecuador. His gang would do illegal drug trafficking and were caught. Fito was sentenced to 34 years in prison for drug trafficking, organised crime and homicide. Fito was caught on camera talking to his inmates by texting. A few days later, he was reported missing. Police officers are still looking for him

Positives to this

Firstly, prison helps because it is unlikely that prisoners will escape but it is still possible. They are safe in prison and will least likely escape since they are secure.

Negatives to this

The negatives are that some prisoners are very smart and escape easily. For example, one man successfully escaped 7 times! His name is Mark DeFriest. He was first arrested in 1978. Other occasions also show other prisoners attempting to escape but fail.

Other Opinions

One of the students in my class says that prison is good since it keeps dangerous people away which makes it safer. My teacher thinks that prison should be more educational and not as much of a punishment than it is now. I agree with both of them but also think that prison should be safer and a bit more secure.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, I think prisons should be more secure to make their time a bit more entertaining but also more secure.I think that if it happens, less people will escape prison or want to.

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate that you spent your time reading my Standpoint.