The prison emergency in Ecuador

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Emergency in Ecuador

The prison in Ecuador, this is led by the gang leader called Fito also known as the Ecuadorian drug lord. This is still very dangerous for the people on the outside world because, first of all he is released from prison, second of all he is still the gang leader, and third of all he still has connections even though he is in prison. And this is the reason why i chose this subject, because this man is still dangerous and he could still do bad stuff to people. And i am talking about bad stuff which are illegal.

On january the 14th 2024 a powerful gang leader known as Fito was found to be gone and missing from a prison in Ecuador. Since this has happened armed forces have been called in to take back control of the prison so, what went wrong. What went wrong is that he would probably still try and take drugs and he would probably just do the stuff he did and used to do before prison like smuggling drugs, kill people, and probably commit fraud, and do other illegal stuff.

The positive side about this is that he would have to restart his public life in the outside world of Ecuador. Im sure by now he would of stopped all the bad crimes he did and probably retired from being the biggest and most popular gang lord and drug lord in Ecuadorian drug lord history. One other issue is that more people may prison on accident because he was apart of a big gang with lots of other people regarding himself in the gang.

My overall opinion on this stand poind is that it was a very serious but also fun topic to learn. But i have never done a topic like this about gangs and that sort of stuff. So overall it was a really interesting, fun, and good sort of topic to learn.