The prisons system.

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I am going to talk about prisons because I want to know all about prisons and how did some people got inside the prison and how did they got out of the prison.and I want people to learn how and why did they got to prison and what did they do to go to prison and how many years is he going to be there for and what crime did they do.and what is the purpose of prisons.decide on whether you think prisons work or not.I think the purpose of prison is to show that person who committed a crime that they did wrong.and that there not gonna get away with it without learning the hard way.prison shouldn't be just a place for people to live who don’t want to pay the fine that they got.I think that he shouldn't do anything crimes be a good person Don’t do anything stupid that the is going to get in a prison.and the word jail means that is a place of containment for persons held in lawful custody specifically such a place under the jurisdiction of lord government such as country.