Doping and the Enhanced Games

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

For a long time the Olympics had banned players from taking drugs to enhance their skills at playing, but now a new event has changed that. The Enhanced Games is planned to be an international sports event like the Olympics, but this event is where the players are allowed to take drugs that help improve their skills. It will be able to take place in 2025.

An olympic player named Lance Armstrong who is known as a seven time Tour de France winner was tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. In my opinion, I don’t agree with having the Enhanced Games be allowed for players to play in. Reason one, the chances of people overdosing during the game is very high. Overdosing could lead to comas, heart attacks or possibly even death. Reason two is that most people watch the Olympics to see people’s talent and what they can do after practicing very long for what they’re passionate about.

Most people want the Enhanced Games to be able to start soon and see sports without the banned rule from the Olympics to not be able to use enhancing drugs, like steroids. But the other half disagree and want natural talent. Again, the drugs are dangerous. The founder behind the Enhanced Games, Aron D’Souza, an Australian businessman created the event last year which got negative comments about this event. Participants train hard for years while the participants that just take performance enhancing drugs are just instantly good at the sport they’re doing.

In conclusion, The Enhanced Games shouldn’t continue to go on for the health of the people participating.