Doping: Dope Or Nope?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Aron D’Souza is starting a new Olympics called the Enhanced Games. One primary question everyone is asking is: Is doping fair, and are the Games fair?In my opinion, no, doping is not fair, and the games shouldn’t be allowed. The reason(s) I say this is because the whole point of training is to enhance your body physically and mentally, not scientifically.

Let’s say you and your friend want to compete in the Enhanced Games. You’re not using PED (performance-enhancing drugs) and have trained your whole life (metaphorically) for this moment. Your friend is using PED and leaves you in the dust, regardless of how much you trained. Do you think that’s fair?

Now, someone who thinks the Enhanced Games are fair may say “OH IT'S NOT CHEATING IF IT'S ALLOWED!!!!!” but I think we shouldn’t use drugs regardless. See, if you dope, your heart will beat faster than it already is. This may result in you collapsing. This is not a good scenario. Now I'm not saying that doping is super bad; in fact, it can be helpful! You can get a speed and strength advantage if you dope, but, like certain things, too much of it is bad for you physically and mentally. So......the floor is yours; is doping dope, or nope?