Drugs and what they can do to your mindset

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Drugs can affect athletes more than just physcally. The toll that some anabolics can take on atheletes can be impossible to predict. For instance, when people are competing in a tournament for their country, and they think about all the hardships that they have taken to get there. Some might feel motivated, while others might feel down and think they can't win it. And if they decide to take performance enhancing drugs to improve their activity, then they might feel bad, and become depressed.

When Athletes are depressed, they won't perform at their best, causing national upsets. Considering this has happened before, without athletes doing durg, imagine how much worse it will be with drugs. Drugs are inconsiderate and will cause major upsets with the citizens in their home town. The athelete will be facing shame for taking drugs during a tournament and will be shunned forevermore.