Keeping Olympic Games Inclusive and fair

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Enhanced games should stay inclusive. Inclusivity helps keep the games fair so EVERYONE can participate. They are worldwide for a reason and it just doesn’t make sense to take away people’s ability to wear their hijabs or take away religious items. Doing that would make people less likely to join and participate, or make people uncomfortable if they DO decide to participate. This could have negative effects on both the players and the creators. Less people watching means less money/budget.

Performance-enhancing drugs are substances used to improve the performance of athletes. They are unfair for those who would like to play the games normally, which is more participants than not. Doping/using performance-enhancing drugs could be harmful for people who use them, and could even lead to death. It may be more entertaining, but it’s not worth it. It will ruin the ones that aren’t doping chances of winning, and would put all of their hard work to waste. If it’s such a big deal for people, they can make separate Olympic Games for people that specifically want to use performance-enhancing drugs, but to keep the games fair they should keep the actual Olympic games natural.