The Enhanced Games

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My topic was “ The Enhanced Games:are they fair? The enhanced games are the Olympics, but people could use performance enhancing drugs.People think that it is fair but some people think that it’s not fair. Many disabled people might like this game because they could do things faster and better.

That’s why I want to talk a little bit about other people’s perspective on how the enhanced games would affect them. See, people who like to play fair games would not like this game. This is because people can use drugs to be better at doing things at the enhanced games and it would not be fair. But people who like to cheat in games would love it. They would love it because in the games you can cheat, but without getting disqualified

But in my opinion I think that enhanced games are bad. The reason I think this is because of drug use, and cheating. One reason is that it is drug use. That is not good for your body. It also helps people get faster and stronger and that might not be fair to some people. Because people who actually want to win fair and square, would not be able to because of the performance enhancing drug use.

Another reason I think that enhanced games are bad is because of cheating. You see, when someone cheats they would get disqualified for cheating, but in the enhanced games you would not get disqualified if you cheat with performance enhancing drugs. And for the people who thought they won because their opponent cheated, they would not win because they could cheat using performance enhancing drugs.