The Enhanced Games: Doping Ain't Dope

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Drugs are bad in any case, even when you are trying to get a boost in a competition, or are trying not to be stressed, a drug is never the right solution (unless it is given by a doctor.) The Enhanced Games are really bad for people's health, although it boosts people's natural ability, the aftereffect is extremely bad. Runners/ Sprinters in The Enhanced Games might take a drug called Adderall, a drug that makes you run faster, but the fallout is dizzinees dry mouth, vomiting, and etc.

There are way too many drugs out there that boost physical abilities and have extremely bad fallout, and too many people or athletes have taken these. Even if nothing happends during the games doesn't mean nothing will happen after the game when people go home. Some people even use a drug that speeds up the body’s systems to dangerous levels ( Some use a drug to get increased energy, but it reduces your pain perception ( There are many more drugs out there that effect your body in a terrible way, so inconclusion doping is definitely not dope.