Will enhanced games improve sports

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

This topic is very special for me because I know really well about this type of drugs but I don't about these games

I think it is interesting and it has a lot o things to talk about.

The first perspective tells you about the bad things this has ,as teamwork dissapears because less players will train.

Althought many people would use it ,it wil be not fair for the people who think is dangerous and don't use .We will

need a lot of doctors as many players will die or will have a dissease.This is bad for children,imagine you are a child watching Usain Bolt and he dies in front of you

The second one is that this drug will improve a lot sports.This would help to break records also people will train less

and last would help people to be better.

In my opinion this drug will harm the beatiful sports we have and many traditions will dissapear.