About Women in Media and Women Enpowerment

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

hello everyone, I am a topical talker.

I have participated in this festival and am working with my best. I organize posters and debates on various classes and topics with my classmates topical talkers. The most exciting thing I know is women in media. It is helping to present women to a better life and society as well as introducing women to their identity. But women today cannot lead a completely free and normal life. Various criticisms and comments are learned. In the context of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh women's football team has won the Bangladesh Asia Cup but still there is no special playing field for women. In park or garden girls can't play with everyone after becoming teenagers, various comments girls are growing up, girls have no shame etc. These comments prevent latent talent from being dormant, thereby depriving women of the space and freedom they deserve. Women are subjected to physical abuse and sexual harassment in the office or workplace. Due to which fear works in the mind of women.By overcoming this fear, some women are inspiring to the world. They are managing countries, cities, institutions, armed forces in various fields. Along with men, women are proving their mettle

In all wars of the world, women gave their lives, gave their honor, gave their husbands and children. They are sometimes a mother, daughter or wife in life. They have no specific address, sometimes father's house, sometimes husband's house, some son's or daughter's house.

Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul said:

"All things eternally created on earth are of great good,

Half of it is done by women, half by men। So i think women day is symbol of nation or women life