Gender Stereotypes: Exploring the Past History

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


-Women In Media -

-- Stereotypes and Beauty Standards --

-From olden times women are expected to work at home, cook food and take care of family and men to be the breadwinners of the family.

-Some stereotypes start from the ancient times, like when women were not allowed to go to for praying while they were menstruating. The reason was because during the olden times women used to do physically high-intensive work; where they used to cook, take care of cows and buffaloes etc. and do long prayers. So, for them to take a rest from all of the work they were asked not to do any work which also included that they won't cook for the family. But now women are said to be impure while they are menstruating and are often not allowed to go to do their god and do their prayers, even though this is not the actual reason people still believe it blindly as the society has made it more like rule than a choice for women.

-Little girls are expected to play with dolls while boys are expected to play with cars and robots. When they grow up a women is expected to know how to cook and take care of the family and for a man, he is expected to have well-paying job.

-Gender Stereotypes don't stop here, but they are also a big part of the beauty standards, which are also created by the society. In these beauty standards, a women is expected to be "feminine" and look "youthful" while a man is expected to have a "muscular" body and look "masculine".

-These beauty standards and gender stereotypes have often had a negative impact on people's mind, which causes a lot of people to have body dysmorphia and other difficulties.

Conclusion -

We should not support these gender stereotypes and try to make our society a better place. Rather than telling a person what to do on the basis of their gender we should support them in each and every step of their life this will make our society better. We must also not to follow the beauty standards because each and every person is beautiful in their own way.

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