My opinion about women in media

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Women in media has always been a big thing and has been here for many decades. But how is it important? This is important because it could affect society by not changing how this is displayed. It could portrayed in different ways like making it equal for men and women. As the Women make up only 34% of film speaking roles globally, despite being 50% of the global population.World wide this is a problem but more in some countries then others. This problem is slowing getting resolved.

There is positives about this topic. As for which women get to regain their strength which they probably haven't had for several years . Another positive is because it could provide realistic role models for younger girls. It could boost women's confidence by encouraging them to go for what they want with no problems or getting discriminated.

The negatives are that men might seem weaker with women suddenly blooming with confidence and action. Another negative is that no one would have any roles (like women as housewives and men doing the work) even if it is better it would just be less organized. Another one is that no one would really know what they are supposed to do and if they want to do it.

My opinion is that stereotypes should stop but there are some advantages in it by having an organized schedule with kids. Disadvantages is that they cannot do their desired jobs at certain places even if you are qualified enough. This could affect how their future goes because they could have studied this for several years just to not get the job. Another reason is that several people could just be discriminated against what they like or what they want to become/do because of their gender.