Say No to Harrassment

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I’ve been thinking from the start of Standpoint Competition to write something different from others so that I would be able to win but till yesterday I couldn’t find anything solid to talk about. I’ve gone through almost everything included in Topical Talk Festival but I couldn’t get what to write and how to express my views in the most effective way so that it makes a change in my fellows’ thinking. Yesterday, I’ve come across a news which has given me an enthusiastic motive to write about it to give awareness to the girls like me who are living in areas where women are not having equal rights such as men. I live in Pakistan which is considered as one of the under developed countries. In most of the countries of the world, women are bold enough to fight for their just rights but in countries like mine, it is a dilemma that women’s voices are suppressed to the maximum within the walls. At this age, I m not well aware of everything about women harassment but I’m big enough to understand the basics of it. In our society women are not allowed to express themselves and their problems. It is considered unethical for women to speak out for their rights. I myself have never thought of being bold enough to discuss my problems till I saw the video of an incident of a university in which the student has confronted her male professor with courage and exposed his bad intentions in front of his other students and colleagues. It was no doubt a bold step but she was not afraid of the consequences. May be she would face a lot of criticism and disbelief in this regard but I salute her bravery. She has set an example for other girls who’re introvert and never be able to stand for themselves. I’m sure that this incident will inspire many girls like me to step forward and face the hardships of life with due courage and never underestimate their abilities. As far as, I’m concerned, I’ve decided to be determined to protect my self-respect and I’ll be out spoken whenever it’ll be needed. Else I’ll try to motivate other girls of my community to protect themselves and not to be afraid of this evil anymore.