Women Discrimination

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My standpoint is on Gender inequality. This topic is important to me because the issue of Gender inequality has affected the growth and development of women and it has hindered so many of them from reaching the goals and dreams they have set for themselves. Women have been discriminated against in society by not being allowed to school and instead are restricted to doing only house chores. Women are to be just child-bearing machines and catering to their families.

The problem of Gender inequality affects society as a home although women are more affected. This is so because women were deprived of being involved in any activity other than taking care of the home and being full housewives. They were also deprived of making decisions or being involved in politics, getting education or holding any positions and deprived of work. Society in turn is affected because of the lack of women's opinions in any important decision that should be made. This means that things are done without new views or perspectives on insight from those who may contribute immensely to good decision-making. Women therefore are always made to be the backbenchers of society. Many women's dreams are crushed and unaccomplished by this very act and the outcome or results all fall under the cause of gender inequality. Therefore, I think that gender inequality has made many women suffer badly.

Some facts about gender inequality that I have come to realize is that women are not allowed to hold high positions among the working class and they tend to be under-employed. I have also come to realize that most women work more and are being paid very less even when some can do better than their male counterparts which to me does not make any sense because both the male gender and the female gender are supposed to be teaming up to benefit a country. Some aspect of society where inequality can be seen is in education boys and girls do not have equal access to education in some countries those who have access to education are at higher risk of sexual abuse, harassment or exploitation. Another example of gender inequality is child marriage small children are married off at the tender ages of 10, 12, 14, 15 etc. In conclusion, gender inequality is a disease in society that needs to be cured to have a fair society.