Women in media

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Women in media is a subject that should be dealt with fairly and taken seriously.Throughout society women in media is something that is brought up but not heard enough, many women are labeled as being the more ‘weaker’ gender and not being able to do things ‘boys’ do which definitely takes a toll on how women are seen by younger generations.Gender inequality is a social phenomenon in which people also aren't treated equally on the basis of gender.Its important that both genders are treated the same within work, education and social interactions as many aren't.Many women are judged very quickly just based upon their gender and not their skills or effort.Women are typically seen as the gender which does the more gentle jobs; housewives, nursing and being carers. However, men are made to do the more laborious and heavy duty work.

However, women in media and feminism is coming into consideration of many people worldwide.Inclusive representation of women in the media can create more gender equal societies and provide realistic role models for young girls.As a result of more women speaking up, they have been accepted into many things they ‘couldn’t’ do previously such as sports and more hardworking jobs.Despite the controversy people are setting upon women it has encouraged them to create a better representation of themselves.

Although, women have also been represented as oversimplifying the subject by speaking out often.Whilst the media is leaning towards the opinion of feminism, many still highly disagree about raising awareness for women.Due to the subject being a woman centered viewpoint, it creates a weakness to the perspective that women and men do see the world differently.