Women in media

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Women in media is a serious topic that needs to be heard about. In my opinion, men get more support and recognition then women ever have.It's also some of the woman's fault, for example they wear short outfits which makes the men attracted to their body. Online journalists fear online abuse since every time they try to stand up for themselves they face bullying and harassment. Just for standing their opinion? It's not fair and needs immediate attention. For over 2 years women have been tackling gender equality.

Firstly, there are positives of women in media if they become journalists, for example they have access to woman who may not speak to a male counterpart. As in the video of Selam Gebrekidan she said “In libya, I had some access to women who had ran away from the islamic state.” Zanny Minton, editor of the Economist, thinks that women are more independent and responsible than men, since they are able to influence on what others think and multiple more reasons.

When women want to do manly jobs, such as; taxi driver, mechanic, painting etc. men make comments saying “your to girly for this” “a girl can't do this as good as a man”. And say they should do jobs like hairdress, makeup, nails. This makes the women mad and now journalist are helping with sexism.