Celebrities in the news: the accused

Recent news reports have included allegations about famous comedians and presenters before they have had a lawful trial. Should the media report when a celebrity has been accused of a crime?


Use this one-hour lesson to help your students:

  • Analyse the impact of allegations in the news
  • Explore different opinions people have about a news story
  • Discuss whether or not the media should release information about celebrities before they have had a lawful trial

This lesson develops the following skills and knowledge:

Problem solving icon

Problem solving

Step 8: I explore complex problems by analysing the causes and effects
Step 11: I analyse complex problems by using logical reasoning

Knowledge icon

Step 3: I can explain some different opinions people have about a news story
Step 13: I can identify a theme in a news story

Find out more about the Topical Talk skills and knowledge framework here.

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