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I disagree despite respecting their job, like any other, there are far more important jobs that... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 07/12/22
I disagree because the event it literally getting hosted in winter to resolve any climate... Controversy in Qatar! 30/11/22
I disagree with your comment as no one will discard their sexuality or change their sexual... Controversy in Qatar! 30/11/22
I agree because the fact that the World Cup is hosted in Qatar would provide an increase in... Controversy in Qatar! 30/11/22
I disagree because I think it would provide opportunities for financial growth due to an... Controversy in Qatar! 30/11/22
Despite that I agree with your statement and the money invested to build and prepare the stadium... Controversy in Qatar! 30/11/22
1.why do people believe and try to take ownership over space, who owns Earth? Is that... Expert challenge: who owns space? 23/11/22