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Discuss a different news story each week, explore one issue in depth over six, or do both! All Topical Talk resources are made by expert teachers at The Economist Educational Foundation in collaboration with world-leading journalists and fact-checkers from The Economist newspaper. So whatever you choose, you can be sure the resources are trustworthy, engaging and ready-to-use.

Topical Talk gives you free teaching resources for weekly classroom discussions about current affairs.

Our adaptable activities help the news make sense for learners aged 10-16. They foster discussions between young people that help them to develop open minds, critical eyes and informed voices. Find out more about the two different types of resources below.

What are Headlines?

Topical Talk Headlines

Our one-hour lessons explore a current news story in the headlines. A new one is published every Monday.

  • Weekly session plans
  • Activities to foster progress in listening, speaking, problem-solving and creativity skills
  • Printable supporting resources

What are Special Editions?

Topical Talk Special Editions

Topical Talk Special Editions explore one issue in depth over six lessons.

  • Package of six one-hour lessons
  • Sequenced lesson plans that build towards a final piece of work
  • Printable supporting resources

These are accessible to all learners: they are bespoke, carefully thought-out and allow students to improve across a number of key skills.

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How do I get these resources?

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  • Speech Icon Impact

    A visible impact on your students

    Topical Talk discussions give children the knowledge and skills to succeed at school and beyond. They make significant progress in communication skills so they become better listeners and more confident speakers. A focus on critical-thinking also helps their creativity and problem-solving. We use a research-backed universal skills framework to help you track your students' progress.

  • Speech Icon Conversation

    Discuss complex issues with confidence

    Topical Talk gives you the confidence to have discussions about complex and sensitive issues. Our teachers work with The Economist’s journalists to make sure facts are presented accurately. We have a decade of teaching experience in creating resources that are appropriate, accessible and inclusive for all learners.

  • Speech Icon School

    Build cultural capital from your classroom

    Our resources open students’ eyes to matters of global importance and nurture their awareness of different perspectives. Through Topical Talk discussions, students develop open minds and informed voices. These lessons help them think for themselves about the stories that affect us all.