Earth Day teaching resources

Earth Day is observed each year to raise awareness and drive action to change human behaviour and protect the planet. Created by expert teachers and journalists from The Economist, our collection of free teaching resources help students explore the "climate-crisis", understand the impact of climate-change and discuss sustainable solutions.

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd 1970 to recognise the achievements of the environmental movement and support the protection of the Earth's natural resources.

The official theme for 2024 is "Planet vs Plastics" and our selection of free teaching resources are designed to help students understand environmental issues and discuss ideas to help save the planet.

Download our free teaching resources to help your students:

  • Discuss global warming and explore the causes and effects of climate change
  • Understand the purpose of COP events and consider what companies can do reduce their impact on the environment
  • Identify sustainable solutions and ways to protect the planet

These resources have been created by experienced teachers and world-leading journalists from The Economist to inspire students aged 9+ with informed and open-minded discussions about environmental issues in the news. Help your learners develop their communication and critical-thinking skills, whilst boosting their knowledge of the issues that dominate the news cycle.

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Earth Day resources